Estee Lauder Foundation and Clinique Powder Review

I have two reviews for you today, and they are both about foundation.

The first, is liquid foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear. In short, I am impressed. The second one is a powder foundation from Clinique: even better powder. Conclusion: it does its job, but I would say it is for skin that is oilier.

Estee Lauder’s foundation has 10 SPF and PA++. you have a picture for your reference. This is a very close shot and as you can see you can barely see the marks of the foundation. And from half a meter, it is impossible to see. Impeccable finish. What I liked about it even more is that it does not leave my skin dry, instead it felt a bit moisturising. The extra thing that I like, almost no smell.

Estee Lauder 2C0 Cool Vanilla Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10/PA++
Close-up – foundation set on.
Close-up – Foundation Powder Clinique even better powder makeup SPF 25/PA+++ 64 cream beige 

Now, the powder foundation. I am not a big user of powders. It always felt like it stretches my skin. Clinique’s powder does not do that, it is light and you can barely see it from the distance. From the close-up you can see it. It might be good for wet summer days. And for you ladies with a mixed skin or on the oilier side. I liked the fact that it has more SPF than other foundations. One good thing about powders is that we reply it more often than a liquid foundation, protecting us from those damaging sun rays- if you enjoy them too much, that is.

That’s a wrap. Let me know if you have questions.


Clearing thoughts time

Things have been a bit turbulent lately. Not horrible, just a lot of worries. especially for the ones that are close to me and I care for. But, that is how life is. We start decaying after we evolve into adults.

So, just to clear my thoughts and to clam myself down I went for a stroll around my area. I was very happy to see that the sakura flowers are about to bloom. And have even found a tree that had its flowers fully bloomed. This tree is located close to Naka-Meguro / Daikanyama, an area that is full of fashionable, artsy people. There is identity and flavor on these streets that make me smile. I now have to find a nice tea place where I can sit and Decoratingwatch these people at my own pace.Naka-Meguro 1

Perfectly bloomed
Perfectly bloomed

Cute “Yazbukey for shu uemura” Collection

Yazbukey for shu uemura collection has just lunched in Japan. All the items are extremely cute, with a daring and fun design. To my surprise the Eyes and Cheek Palette is much bigger than I expected. Just take a look at the picture below, aren’t they cute?
Yazbukey for shu uemuraIn some countries the collection will not launch, and is some it will start selling in May, but if you want to get your hands fast on it I found a seller on eBay that has some items listed for sale. They are, the above mentioned palette, the cases, eyelashes, eyeshadows and some of the lipsticks.

Here is the link for the palette:

If you look more through the seller’s items you will find the rest of them. You can probably ask questions about the items as well.

Oh, and it seems the event is pretty big and colourful. I found this super cute car in Omotesando, Tokyo yesterday night. How glamorous would it be to be actually be able to ride in it? I know it is not the best picture, but can you see the eyelashes? CUTE!

写真 2015-03-21 9 23 23

Last night was fun! It felt like spring is finally coming. It was the first time I wore a light coat. It’s great to be able to move back again to lighter clothes and feel like I can add more variety to my outfits.

A 1,2,3 Tea Recipe

I know I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been crazy busy with work and a personal project.

But, today a friend shared his discovery that will forever give me soothing moments from now on.

Can you guess what it is?


It’s simple black tea with a pinch of coconut oil. My friend said he had coffee with coconut oil, but I am more of a tea drinker. I decided to try it with tea and it worked!
Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Winter Care with Jojoba Oil

I prefer oils to creams. Creams seem to be too much of a complicated concoction to be safe to let my skin absorb them.
Jojoba oil is so practical and it can be multi-purpose.
Or, if you like to have a designated container for every purpose you have in mind, the below could be some viable options.
One day just with Jojoba Oil

I just like John Masters Organics products

Yeah, this is one of those posts where I mention a company that I like.

I like John Masters Organics shampoo so much. But so much. Including their conditioner. The one with Citrus and Neroli scent. It smells heavenly. And what I like even more about it is that it stops my hair being frizzy. My hair is naturally wavy, but whenever I use that shampoo and conditioner my hair looks much more into place. 

I am sure a before and after picture is not necessary.

Here is where you can buy it if you live in Japan. (Online, I mean) I also so it at Roppongi Midtown and the OiOi in Yurakucho.