Clearing thoughts time

Things have been a bit turbulent lately. Not horrible, just a lot of worries. especially for the ones that are close to me and I care for. But, that is how life is. We start decaying after we evolve into adults.

So, just to clear my thoughts and to clam myself down I went for a stroll around my area. I was very happy to see that the sakura flowers are about to bloom. And have even found a tree that had its flowers fully bloomed. This tree is located close to Naka-Meguro / Daikanyama, an area that is full of fashionable, artsy people. There is identity and flavor on these streets that make me smile. I now have to find a nice tea place where I can sit and Decoratingwatch these people at my own pace.Naka-Meguro 1

Perfectly bloomed
Perfectly bloomed

Cute “Yazbukey for shu uemura” Collection

Yazbukey for shu uemura collection has just lunched in Japan. All the items are extremely cute, with a daring and fun design. To my surprise the Eyes and Cheek Palette is much bigger than I expected. Just take a look at the picture below, aren’t they cute?
Yazbukey for shu uemuraIn some countries the collection will not launch, and is some it will start selling in May, but if you want to get your hands fast on it I found a seller on eBay that has some items listed for sale. They are, the above mentioned palette, the cases, eyelashes, eyeshadows and some of the lipsticks.

Here is the link for the palette:

If you look more through the seller’s items you will find the rest of them. You can probably ask questions about the items as well.

Oh, and it seems the event is pretty big and colourful. I found this super cute car in Omotesando, Tokyo yesterday night. How glamorous would it be to be actually be able to ride in it? I know it is not the best picture, but can you see the eyelashes? CUTE!

写真 2015-03-21 9 23 23

Last night was fun! It felt like spring is finally coming. It was the first time I wore a light coat. It’s great to be able to move back again to lighter clothes and feel like I can add more variety to my outfits.