Ladies show your waist!

Hat/ Forever21; Flip flops/ Abercrombie&Fitch; dress/ no name

One of our shape’s best asset is our waist. We should accentuate it as frequent as possible.


Cooking Class

I’ve been living in this country for…more than 6 years now. In this moment in time, it happens that I have some time so I decided to take cooking classes. To dive more in to this country’s culture and to have a fuller experience I always thought it helps to learn the local cooking ways-learn what veggie is used with what, seasoning and cooking time. And finally, now I put my thoughts into action.

OK, so the idea is that I am taking cooking classes and it happens that whenever I have to go I wonder about what I should wear. It’s in a place 30 mins away from home, and I don’t want to dress in something super fancy in case my clothes get dirty or strong smells evaporate around me. Which is why I go for the look below. Yes, I like pulling my hair up when I work.

Pants and T-shirt: Uniqlo. Bag: Missoni.

Pants and T-shit: Uniqlo; Bag: Missoni; Shoes: Hawkins.