shu uemura skin perfector review

You know what? I like writing reviews. I find them useful. And I am hoping I will be able provide the same type information to you, too. Useful and objective. I am trying a lot of products, so I could write a whole lot more. I just have to set myself a better schedule.

Now, today’s product is shu uemura’s new skin perfector oil. It started selling in Japan today. If you are wondering if to buy it or not, here is my take on it. ↓


Name shu uemura skin perfector

Contains I always check the ingredients. I just checking what is the concoction that I am putting on my skin. I might not know the exact proportion, but still. I think I am getting my nose excited on purpose by reading the ingredients. And back to the ingredients, this oil seems to contain a lot of botanical and essential oils. A lot means 99%. According to shu uemura. Sorry, I have no way of checking the veridity of this statement.

Texture: V-E-L-V-E-T-Y. Initially, I didn’t think to include this category, but this oil just created a descriptive category by itself. Given that it is indeed an oil I was expecting it to be leaky and forever staying on the exterior of my skin. Not the case for skin perfector. This is THE smoothest cosmetic product I have tried until now. And my skin quickly absorbed it. Congratulations shu uemura team, you again proved that you are indeed the skin oil master.Bravo!

Smell As mentioned before, I care a great deal about the way the product smells. I can feel faint scents of peppermint, sage and lavender, but nothing overbearing. Particularly important if you want to use it before you go to sleep. It has just enough bitterness to wake up if you use a few drops in the morning, though.

Price Pricey. No surprise here. shu umeura is a luxury brand.

Buy it? For whom? Agh, well this one, this one makes the perfect gift for yourself or for a precious friend and/or mother. Yes, if you can afford it, buy it.

Other thoughts on it. Honestly, I prefer to use products that have as many natural ingredients as possible, and not chemically produced. Sorry, petrol industry. (Jump of joy for agriculture) And this oil has 99% of its ingredients naturally sourced. I am not sure about the 30 ml, but given that you are using just a few drops, it might last longer than expected. My cosmetic products always last longer than I think they will. The fact that has versatile uses makes me like it even more. I might ditch one of those moisturising creams for this oil.

Please let me know your thoughts if you have tried it, too. Questions are also welcome. Until next time and thank you for reading!


Clinique Pop Lip Colour Review

Hi all,

I finally tried Clinique’s line of lipstick. Conclusion: I’m impressed. Below are the details. 2nd conclusion: shu uemura’s cleansing oils are no joke.   First things first, the lipstick review. I tried four colours. From top to bottom:

  1. Cherry Pop

2. Punch Pop

3. Love Pop

4. Nude Pop

Now, I am into keeping things short so here it goes:

  1. Colour variation: Plenty. You can pick from 16 colour variations
  2. Lasting? Yes. Clinique states that it lasts up to 8 hours. I did not keep it on for so long, but with the bright Cherry Pop on, the shade did not transfer to my glass or my teeth. Yes, I would say it lasts.
  3. Texture: Dry-ish. Due to its shimmering look, I expected it to feel a bit more moisturizing, but the bright pink nuances have a matte finish. The other two colours, have a more metallic effect, and they were wetter.
  4. Look: Shimmer & Metallic.
  5. Smell. Yes, medicine-ish. It is fragrance free, but it does smell like the lipsticks you might have found in your grandma’s drawer. Clinique is known for trying to make products that do not spur allergies, and this might have been their solution. I am pretty sensitive to fragrances, as in I like to know how things smell. I would have prefered it to smell a bit like vanilla, or something on the more pleasant scale, but maybe that is just me.
  6. Price.Affordable. The price point seems reasonable. It does encourage me to think of buying about 3-4 shades to increase the colour variation in my collection.

As for the second conclusion. I am not Asian, but I love shu uemura’s product. Today, they didn’t disappoint again when I cleaned the display of colour on my arm in one swipe. Pleased, I am very pleased.

Please let me know if there are questions. You are welcome to share your opinion.


Face Mask Review, My Beauty Diary Taiwan

Isn’t the packaging cute? I’ve been meaning to try this company’s products for a while. The scents are creative and invitive and the packaging, just adorable.

I’ve tried Bulgarian White Rose Mask, but there are several other options- with French Macaroons in it. With scents like that I can’t wait to try all of them.

As for the effects: the aroma isn’t too powerful and my skin did feel smoother. I should probably use more, as this harsh Japanese winter and winds dried it more than expected.

I wouldn’t say this will end up being my favorite mask, as I already have one that is versatile and it has wonderful results. That one is clay based.

If you have other masks that you would like to recommend, do let me know.