Clearing thoughts time

Things have been a bit turbulent lately. Not horrible, just a lot of worries. especially for the ones that are close to me and I care for. But, that is how life is. We start decaying after we evolve into adults.

So, just to clear my thoughts and to clam myself down I went for a stroll around my area. I was very happy to see that the sakura flowers are about to bloom. And have even found a tree that had its flowers fully bloomed. This tree is located close to Naka-Meguro / Daikanyama, an area that is full of fashionable, artsy people. There is identity and flavor on these streets that make me smile. I now have to find a nice tea place where I can sit and Decoratingwatch these people at my own pace.Naka-Meguro 1

Perfectly bloomed
Perfectly bloomed

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