Product Review: John Master Rose & Apricot Hair Milk

I know, I know… I haven’t started my blog for a long time and I am already doing product reviews… The truth is that I think the product below is a good product and I thought that if there is somebody out there who has the same type of hair as I do, maybe it would find it useful? By the way, I have fine hair.

JMO Rose & Apricot MilkOnce winter hits in, my hair gets very dry and it entangles easily. I’ve been looking for a solution for a while – yes, I do use conditioner. This “milk” also seems to be a conditioner, but this one really works.

JMO is a more expensive brand and me leaving in Japan made it even more expensive – I think I paid almost 1.85x I would have paid if I would have bought it in the States-, but I am extremely happy with the results. I am happy person with detangled hair that has a slight scent of rose water.

This whole event made me realize again that it’s better to pay a bit more for a product and know that you are going to use it than skimp on money and then end up with a product that it is just going to take place on your shelf.

What do you use for your hair in winter?


Winter Care with Jojoba Oil

I prefer oils to creams. Creams seem to be too much of a complicated concoction to be safe to let my skin absorb them.
Jojoba oil is so practical and it can be multi-purpose.
Or, if you like to have a designated container for every purpose you have in mind, the below could be some viable options.
One day just with Jojoba Oil

Hats love.

 I dream of the day when I will be able to afford such an outfit.
This set seems timeless. I can see myself wearing it almost any season.
Casual weekend

White black shirt
¥4,055 –

J.Crew torn boyfriend jeans
¥16,090 –

Ballet shoes
¥82,245 –

Chanel leather shoulder bag
¥774,795 –

D Y black fedora
¥3,570 –

I just like John Masters Organics products

Yeah, this is one of those posts where I mention a company that I like.

I like John Masters Organics shampoo so much. But so much. Including their conditioner. The one with Citrus and Neroli scent. It smells heavenly. And what I like even more about it is that it stops my hair being frizzy. My hair is naturally wavy, but whenever I use that shampoo and conditioner my hair looks much more into place. 

I am sure a before and after picture is not necessary.

Here is where you can buy it if you live in Japan. (Online, I mean) I also so it at Roppongi Midtown and the OiOi in Yurakucho. 

Cooking Class

I’ve been living in this country for…more than 6 years now. In this moment in time, it happens that I have some time so I decided to take cooking classes. To dive more in to this country’s culture and to have a fuller experience I always thought it helps to learn the local cooking ways-learn what veggie is used with what, seasoning and cooking time. And finally, now I put my thoughts into action.

OK, so the idea is that I am taking cooking classes and it happens that whenever I have to go I wonder about what I should wear. It’s in a place 30 mins away from home, and I don’t want to dress in something super fancy in case my clothes get dirty or strong smells evaporate around me. Which is why I go for the look below. Yes, I like pulling my hair up when I work.

Pants and T-shirt: Uniqlo. Bag: Missoni.

Pants and T-shit: Uniqlo; Bag: Missoni; Shoes: Hawkins.